8th July 2016

#42402 Weepee URGENT Network Intervention Notice - Maintenance 09/jul/2016, scheduled 4 years ago

Dear Customer,

The maintenance will be executed on Saturday 09/jul/2016.

Weepee is planning to carry out an network intervention during the following time window:

Start Date & Time : 09/jul/2016 - 09h00 End Date & Time : 09/jul/2016 - 21h00

Planned activities : Shift from COLT (10 Gbps) fibers that are in Noorderlaan/Ekersesteenweg/Antwerp due to the upcoming local civil works. The works and dates have been approved by the local civil authorities, and if COLT does not move their cables, they will be damaged. During this work, technicians will cut and re-splice the cables in an alternate route.

This maintenance is likely to be completed in 10 hours and the service will be interrupted during the shift. We do however quote 12 hours as maintenance window to cover all eventualities.

These works will be executed by: Colt

There will be a downtime of: up to 12 hours, due to fiber re-splicing.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused and assure you that we will do everything to avoid interruption of your services or to minimize it as much as possible. You can contact Weepee Support via the usual contact details, in case you would have further questions.

Za 9/7 8:10: eerste alarmen komen binnen SITUATIE: geen impact op voice

Za 9/7 : zaterdag avond hebben we een aantal diensten , doch beperkt, terug gezet in Amsterdam, all ok!

Ma 11/7: EINDELIJK bevestiging ontvangen van Colt dat de maintenance (goed) afgelopen is...