13th May 2016

#40254 Weepee URGENT Network Intervention Notice - Maintenance 14/may/2016, scheduled 4 years ago

Dear Customer,

The maintenance will be executed on Saturday 14/may/2016.

Weepee is planning to carry out an network intervention during the following time window:

Start Date & Time : 14/may/2015 - 00h00 End Date & Time : 14/may/2016 - 02h00

Planned activities : Works on the 10 Gbps fiber link between Evere - Amsterdam & Brussel - Amsterdam: Clear 2 alarms: "control unreachable alarm" and "AGC malfunctioning alarm" ( which means that auto-restoration of circuits during an outage to the link will not happen)

These works will be executed by: Colt

There will be a downtime of: up to 5 minutes, but we assure you that we will minimize it as much as possible.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused and assure you that we will do everything to avoid interruption of your services or to minimize it as much as possible. You can contact Weepee Support via the usual contact details, in case you would have further questions.

15/05/2016: We did not even notice any impact on this maintenance saturday morning, all systems are up and running!